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How many lambs does an ewe have?

By the 1st lambing we expect average 2 lambs, older ewes are supposed to have in average 3 lambs. But the best ewes in my herd are having regulary 4 lambs or even 5 lambs.

How often are Romanovs lambing?

  • 1 lambing per year - the most easy way
  • 3 lambings withhin 2 years
  • 2 lambings within one year.

The eligible lambing system depends on the quality of your herd management and of the quality of feeding.

How are the lambs fed?

Up to 4 lambs in a litter is it not necessary to feed them milk extra from a "bottle". But you can do it to improve your outcomes.If there is more lambs in a litter the extra feeding is eligible. We are used to use Lamlac.

How many blood lines do we breed?

In Czech Republic are 14 pure blood lines. I personally keep 4 blood lines in my herd - Recht, Relik, Rauch and Romi. I can provide frozen semen from blood lines Relik, Rauch and Romi.

What is the weight of a newborn lamb?

The lambs are born petite, but have very good fitness and growthability.

What is the weight of a ewe or ram?

At the age of 100 days ewes have 60-70 kg average, rams have 70-90 average.

My sheep have at the age of 100 days average 25 - 35 kg. The best rams have also 40 kg or more at this age.

How old are the sheep when they are ready to export?

As a member of Czech Romanov Sheep Breeding Club I have to make weight recording of the lambs at the age of 100 days. It means I can provide ewes or rams 100 days old or older. They are avaiable from the end of August.

To which countries can we export?

I'm able to export to any country. You just need to have an import permit for sheep and you must provide me the health conditions of your country so I can do the necessary health examinations.

What about the transport of the sheep to your country?

I'm able to transport a smaller amount of sheep within the EU. In any other cases you must ensure the transport on your own.

How to make a reservation?

It pays off to place an order as soon as possible, especially if you are about to buy very high quality sheep or if you are about to buy a larger amount of them. To make a reservation it is necessary to sigh a "Sales agreement" and pay 10% deposit. You are supposed to pay the rest of the final price at least one week before transportation of the sheep.

To make a reservation or to get more informations contact us per email or phone.



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