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How can we help you?

Thanks to my family, friends and some co-workers we can provide various services and goods:

  • producing of excellent or utility breeding animals:
    • Romanov sheep - top quality ewes or rams or even high quality certified frozen semen units!
    • hens - Kreienköppe, Amrocks, Italian hens (I also would love to change some)
    • ducks - Saxon ducks, Peking vertical ducks, French bright-coloured (I also would love to change some)
    • geese - Pomerain geese - white and brindled too (I also would love to change some)
    • horses - Czech warm blood horses eligible for high jumping and parkour
    • cows - we breed and produce small amount of high quality and snuggling Jerseys with supreme pedigree
  • cattle trading
    • breeding animals - heifers, pregnant heifers, cows, sires
    • stock for fattening - holstein calves or bullocks and young heifers of beef breeds
  • breeding services and goods
    • ID trading - the best genetics from all the world! Breeds we mostly trade are: Holstein, Red Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Fleckvieh, Charolais, Limousine, Beefsimental, Blonde de Aquitane, Pimontese, Aberdeen Angus
    • embryo trading - We buy and sell embryos of above mentioned cattle breeds, import top embryos from all over the world and produce and export embryos from top animals from Czech republic
    • sonographic examination
    • disinfectants and other breeding and milking necessities as gloves and other supplies
    • services for horse breeders as is insemination, sonographic examination, transport and stabling horses
  • fitting services for shows
  • animal transport - valid for Czech republic and all EU

In case of your interest in any of our products and services don't hesitate to contact me with all your questions and we will do our best to help you!


Petr Zajicek



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